“Often people that settle in life are those that only do what they can with what they have and where they are. Never settle for someone that didn’t know your worth from the beginning, or build a life without God in it. Live beyond your low expectations.”
― Shannon L. Alder

Settling just means to be secure and steady. It’s not a bad thing at all. Stability is important– It’s where comfort comes from. You should settle in life. You should be grounded, balanced, and at peace everyday. Comfort yes, but not passion or the unexpected. Once in a while you have to let go of the familiar to allow yourself to open up to other endless amazing possibilities. Settling is convenient. Its easy. But it doesn’t leave room for limitless possibility. It truly gives you what you ask for: routine + safety.

However, when it comes to some things, some things that really really truly matter – maybe that just isn’t enough.

1. The love that we accept to avoid the loneliness and uncertainty that sometimes comes with waiting game for the love we really want. Nobody deserves that. Least of all you.

2. People that treat you like disposables. Keep the people that will be there for you when you go through hell & high water. Find them. Seek them out. They are around.

3. Giving into your desires and every last damn whim. It’s really important to sometimes defy instant gratification. It’s important working past some of your desires. If you give into instant gratification at every turn, like a child wanting a candy bar – you become less satisfied over time.

4. Giving up on what you want in life. Dream big. Grow into them. Don’t chase people – chase dreams. Figure out what you truly want. And figure out a way to get it.

5. Being stagnant. You are constantly evolving, likes, dislikes, habits, beliefs. Explore your passions all the way through. See where they take you. This way, the temporary stagnation goes away.

6. Letting yourself bask in hatred and self-loathing. Instead love yourself. Cut yourself some slack. Making up scenarios in your head for the worst possible solution will not help you prepare or prevent them from happening. Don’t do it, it robs you from the present moment.

7. Chasing an ideal that is not your own. You won’t win this game. There is no satisfaction in it. Chase your own ideals. Uncover your truth. Find it. Live it. Be authentic. It will give you fulfilment, meaning and satisfaction.

8. Making decisions on the basis of fear instead of hope & faith. Fear is just a story that we tell ourselves anyway.

9. Being someones option when you make them a priority.

10. Doing something because you assume that you couldn’t do or find better. If you can perceive it, if you are willing to work for it – it can happen. Nothing amazingly extraordinary ever comes easy or seems feasible initially.

Your thoughts and opinions and voice are all valid. Often people won’t see it that way unless you do. Don’t allow them to dismiss you. People that get thrown onto the sidelines, just always feel like they belong there. You deserve better than the sidelines – since you hold the tools to blaze your own path.