Our experience of life is determined by our mind. It’s really important to look after it, like we look after our car, our clothes, and our hair. It helps us to avoid falling into the depths of your own created misery and neurosis. Often I hear people saying that they don’t meditate because they “can’t.” Because sitting still for 30 seconds is frikkin impossible. They get bored, it’s too slow and they are just too ‘busy’. DSC01023

Our mind is constantly buzzing, it’s like being on the surface of the ocean, but not experiencing what it is to get underneath the ocean; to the depths of the waves. We tend to see things divided. But when we get under those waves – we see unity. Every single person is unique, but the truth is underneath it all, we are the same. The depths of the ocean is what unites us – this reveals us through awakening, enlightenment – we get to see and experience what is beyond the ego.

Meditation makes you happy, calm, and let’s your thoughts settle. It stabilizes your emotions, by enabling us to detach from our thoughts. It’s of course human to have anger, sadness, sorrow – but what we don’t have to do it cling to do. It helps us develop concentration.

There is a misconception on what Meditation is. It’s not so much to do with ‘emptying’ your mind – It’s simply the act of being mindful – of everything, of nothing, of anything, of yourself – without judgement. There is no end goal, there is no where to go, there is no wrong way to do it.

What we truly need is not just the ability to quiet and focus our thoughts and observe our reactions objectively, but also how to incorporate these practices into our everyday lives.When the annoying driver is driving you nuts, when your mother-in-law in on your case, and when your boss is getting on your last nerve.

I have found a beautiful app on the internet: Headspace It’s an app, that teaches you the importance of the present moment. The concept is so underrated – and it’s an extraordinary gift to be in the present moment. It’s so tragic that we tend to spend our lives lost in thought, dwelling over the past, thinking about the future – it robs us from being present – being in the here and now.

We can’t change what happens to us in life – but we can change how we react and perceive it. Headspace is free to download. It’s a program where you sit down to a guided meditation every day for 10 minutes, and you focus on something a little bit different, and gradually work your way up. It’s pure genius. It’s got a blog, you can send it your story, you can ask them questions.

Happy Meditating – however you choose to do so