Happiness is a custom setting; not so much a default. It can be a full-time job somedays. I share a few things from my personal school of research that can make it a bit easier.

1. Get rid of a few things that you may never use. Decluttering can be very therapeutic.

2. Meditate. If sitting out on the grass in a full lotus is not your thing – then do something else. Try a walking meditation. It’s not about emptying your mind its more about understanding what you are feeling, it gives us insight into what it means to be human -and who doesn’t need a bit more of that.

3. Be outdoors. Take a walk with the trees, soak in sunshine. Walk barefoot on the grass. Connect with the Earth. There is a difference between just going outdoors, and being outdoors. Choose the latter.

4. Put some kindness into the world. Do something nice and creative for someone without them finding out. Pay it forward.

5. Listen to yourself. Get to know yourself. Find out what inspires your soul, what makes you feel alive. Do more of that. Take baby steps to get there and never stop exploring.

6. Accept yourself as you are now. If its not enough now, its never going to be. It’s just not.

7. Be proactive. Figure out what you want, learn how to ask for it.

8. Practice self-care. Make yourself a nice cup of tea, take a nice bubble bath with scented candles.

9. Read. Books and newspapers over twitter feeds and Facebook status. It will make all the difference.

10. Eat whatever you freaking want. This may sound like a recipe for a fast food sugar induced diet -it will pass- because here is the thing- our body naturally craves real thing, whole things.

12. Have meaningful conversations. Ditch small talk. Embrace conversation. Deep conversations are often those we reserve for close friends and family, which again explains why close relationships are so important for our happiness.

13. Unplug. Go offline for a few days. It feels luxurious. Give yourself the gift, and really connect with the simple things around you.

14. Be grateful. It’s not happy people that are grateful – its grateful people that are happy. Adopt gratitude as a practice.

15. Faith. Faith it until you make it.