I have been hearing the word grace floating around a lot these days. Although, the word has many meanings, I like that the word because it also stems from gratitude. Grace is easy to recognize, difficult to define.

Simple definition: the experience of awe,gratitude and unconditional love when you are in harmony with yourself, with others and with the creative power that creates the cosmos.

Unrest derives largely from that which we don’t have the grace to accept what isn’t for us. I can think of so many incidents in my own life in which I’ve struggled only because I couldn’t accept what was innately meant (and not meant) for me. Easier said than done, I know. But the things we leave behind are never as wonderful as those that we eventually find. The path is long and unknown but we continue because we know it’s also one of growth and experience. (And sometimes, it’s the only choice we have). The most beautiful things arise from the least promising situations… light can only shine in the darkness, right? The darker it gets, the clearer we see the stars.

To have the grace to accept what isn’t meant for us is cultivated by finding hope, trust and faith that we will find greater things, bigger loves and better days. Knowing that when things least look like they’re going to change – the dark times – that’s usually when they do. Too many affirming life incidents have happened for me that align with this idea.

Grace is the powerful, joyful, and grateful attitude which transcends by transforming the apparent difficulties of life into joy. Simple, yes. Easy, no. Grace is transformation to greater wisdom, compassion and joy as a result of communion/connection with the Source of the Universe.

Finding trust in the process is grace. The universe has the best understanding of what’s meant for us—what’s best for us – what’s right for us – especially when we don’t.