Hello & Welcome!

The Beacon Bridge is centred on knowing that we are part of something bigger, grander and more brilliant than what we can possibly understand. Nothing is random, nothing is ordinary and everything is connected & we can’t really get away with anything.

Its choosing to put in work and effort sincerely and letting the pieces fall into place, overcoming the challenges we need to journey through our inner landscape.

Life isn’t always easy, but there is always a beacon of light, a string of hope

With these tools and mindset, everything is gentle and nothing seems hard. To know more,  you’ll just have to go in trust the guidance of the light and journey through.

With gratitude,





Certified Yoga Instructor -RYT250

Advanced Yoga Nidra & Limited Beliefs Certification

Advanced Yin Yoga Certification

Reiki Practitioner – Level 1 & 2